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The behaviour of the komondor, and his characteristics

The komondor unbelievably calm, deliberate, but an express cracked in an emergency, and arises unexpectedly. His attack is irresistible. He simply sweeps away his adversaries . Independent, but never willful. Worships his host directly, and everything obeys him between circumstances. Onto a chain to set the komondor not free, because this turns it over too much his original temper, and will be very rude, at what it is not possible to be surprised between circumstances like this of course. It is not allowed to punish the komondor without a reason.

Measure of value characteristics

Kind character

Our sheepdogs the komondor has the largest homogenity indicator.After all the breeder work residing in him, the measure of value characteristics, we may say it based on the totality of the form of appearance, that dog one bred consistently. The typical characteristics of the komondor on all of the individuals of the kind can be found, and passes on his kind character to his successors with big safety. Everything else which can be delimited from a kind well is the komondor in his character. His greatness, the low carriage of the head, the hanging tail, the white, long, laced hair, from the hair a head, the head complexion all covered strongly, all special and single.

The attractive form of the komondor one of the characteristic features of his kind character, but it is allowed to neglect his inner values in no way, his incorruptible keeper skill, his courage, strength radiant organization. These characteristics of use represent a value like that and so much typical onto him, that safe future is meant to the komondor.

Genital character

The uninitiated one cannot establish his gender based on the exterior form of the komondor. The skillful ones know it well however, that the komondor may be a considerable difference despite the big hair based on the secondary genital character. Important, that let the difference be essential in the secondary genital character.

Only big, muscular komondor with strong skeleton let us put a male into breeding. The female komondor  may be more feminine, so with lower, thinner skeleton, more delicate, than the male komondor . The komondor these requirements of his do not mean it to the secondary genital character of a female of course, that away we want to refine the kind. The secondary genital character differences so never the komondor with the refinement of females, but the komondor we achieve it with the increasingly more imposing development of males.

The komondor the head of a male more chunk, wider and shorter, the neck more muscular, the withers more expressed, beside the bigger greatness size his latitudinal size more considerable. His totality more robust than the female.


To admire truth that harmony, that the uniform hair gown komondor shows. The harmony of the proportion between the single body regions, the whole body, his homogenity lend nobility and attractiveness to the kind despite the big fur coat.

The shaken komondor is not disproportionate. The big fur coat may not be his blanket, covering for the organizational disproportions. The sizes of the body, the whole body and the motion are in balanced proportionality. We preserve the proportional form of the komondor anyway.


Multitudinous musculature covers the body parts of the komondor. The bigger weight no the surplus condition, but let multitudinous muscles and strong skeleton form it. The haggard of the limbs is a basis requirement beside muscularity. He may not be the komondor quasi in plus condition in the period of the development. May appear in a later, full-grown state – if we restrict it in his motion and most well fee - , that grows fat. This may not be a requirement, but the starving. The komondor is a kind with a relatively little claim.


The complexion of the komondor of use : haggard security shepherd dog with a big body, never turned into a fancy dog, but supplies more extensive security work. His body greatness being equal to the type of use, his skeleton, his character of service, his temper, his motion. From this character let us not want it to be crazy, but let us keep a komondor where we may request work like this of him with the result which can be expected from him rightfully.

The story of the komondor

This dog the accrued to us written memories keep recalling it on a diverse name : for a Hungarian puszta komondor, a shaggy Hungarian sheepdog, silken-haired wolf-dog, it is called a komondor with an owl eye. These many names bear witness besides the komondor having been a dog enjoying general affection appreciated always

He acted as the loyal and brave keeper of the stud, the herd and the flock. The flock, the herds had an enemy richly sometime for the komondor, since not only the robbers, but beasts tried to tap it the domestic animals. A night and daytime preserved the animals entrusted to it valiantly equally with the fearsome appearance of the komondor, and there was a woe for the intruder.

The huge stature of the komondor, his dentition were fearsome weapons in the fight, his big fur coat protected it against the enemy's bite and the hard cold at the same time. The shepherd estimated the komondor at big one, and for this due, that bred it purebred. Single data that way they give to deduce that the fur coat of the komondor was trimmed because of the big warmth in summer.

The XIX in a century the komondor the flock turned into unnecessary one slowly breast, since the enemies of the flock were eliminated in a full measure meanwhile. The komondor was the houses', manors' keeper, and performs this task of his excellently.

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